I CAN DIGITALLY CREATE. Let me help you Promote your Product or Business by having us together design your Avatar to represent your company, Below will show that When I was hired at Progressive Gamining International,inc. many years ago I had to learn to become more of a full scene 3d artist.  There I was required to not only be a 3d model and texture artist but also a 3d animator and a 2D Motion Graphic Artist.


The top character was modeled in 16 hours. UV unwrapped in 3 hours. i used 3ds max viewport canvas to color her in 1 hour.


The pig character took me 12 hours to model. UV unwrapped in 2 hours. i used mudbox to texture paint it in 40 minutes.

The character to the left is my Daughter. I modelled her in 21 hours. UVW Unwap the character in 5 hours. Used Mudbox to texture paint her in 16 hours.

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Above is an 3D Caricature Animation I created for Neon Ave Studios. Each characters was modelled around 9 hours maybe a bit more. Each Caricature UV's took me around 4 hours. Then I colored painted each with mudbox within about 3 hours or less. The Rigging and skinning was over 2 hours or more. The entire enviroments was 120 hours. I quickly used After Effects to green screen the kids footage. I Animated everything in 10 hours.

Above are videos of my work i produced to show my abilities can apply to casino game art.

To the Left are Graphic arts I created in Photoshop and Corel Draw, Each took me around 6 to 12 hours to create. Alot of the times when I was working at the Casino Gaming Company in Las Vegas I was also required to make 2D Graphic Logo Designs for Slot Machines.