Independent Technical 3D Artist Contractor


 I am a 3d Modeller generalist. I'm highly enthusiastic in translating concept art into 3D Models and hand painting textures on them. I also have basic skills in setting up characters for simple animations using Character animation toolkit and Character Studio in 3d Studio Max.


I used 3D Studio Max to 3d model the contents below. I texture painted them using Mudbox

Below the white line.

I 3d poly modeled the devil alien character above in 32 hours. I then used mudbox to detail sculpt the character in 16 hours. I hand texture painted it in mudbox in 10 hours. The female is the character below 78 hours in progress.

Above Video I used 3ds max to model Mariejo Hutchinson as a Banquet Server. I used Mudbox to texture paint the 3d poly model. 58 Hours.

Above is a 3d model of a mustang car I created for a car dealer. It was a quick request and had only one week to create the car. I took 31 hours to model the car. 3 hours to uvw unwrap it. 8 hours to texture paint the car with mudbox paint tools. OOPS I went over 40



The Female Character to the left was created by me for Mike Amerson of I used 3ds max to 3d model her in around 70 hours. It took me 10 hours to UVW unwrap her for painting. I hand painted her in photoshop, which took me 20 hours..

On image above Please click and drag on me to interactively view. WebGL

My Basic Character Animation Skills

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